Write a Good Book and they will read…with the right Promotion!

One of the things I appreciate about being an Indie writer is the support we give each other. In this business, there is so much more than writing. Two of the most important issues Indie writers have besides writing a good book is promotions and reviews. Today I want to share what I have learned about promotions.

I went to the NEC conference in Salem, Massachusetts back in 2013. While there, I attended a workshop with Marie Force. The question arose on what promotions work. She had one answer— Book Bub. At the time, I had never heard of Book Bub. How naïve I waswhen I got home, I discovered my book, Seductive Secrets, was on their website page cover. It explained a lotwhy my books were selling. No matter what anyone says, Book Bub is a force in our industry.

I feel I owe Book Bub. I acknowledge that I wouldn’t be an Amazon bestselling author without their promotions. There are several of us that owe Book Bub. The bottom line of being an author is getting your book into the hands of readers. Book Bub gave that opportunity to me.

It’s the importance of promotion for no matter how great your book is, it won’t sell without promoting it in the right place.

There is one problem with Book Bub. It’s hard to get own their site. You notice that I didn’t say the price of their promotion, which range for $.99 bargain books from $640 for a Mystery, $580 for a Contemporary Romance to $500 for a Historical. It is cheaper for freebies and other genre. I say that the cost is relative to the results you receive. For the savvy author, you promote a book in a seriesthat’s where you make the most money. But even if you don’t have a book in a series, you will make the cost of your advertise plus. I believe its money well invested.

But what happens when you can’t get on Book Bubwhat works? I have a few suggestions. Now these are based on my experience. Others may other suggestions. I have made it a point this year to try as many sites as possible. I am not saying anything negative about any site. What didn’t work for me, may work for someone else. I’m only including what has worked for me.

ENT– Ereaders News Today. Great place especially for the money spent. I use eBook Booster when I run a $.99 special. I find it is the best way to get on ENT. eBook Booster charges a fee for submitting your book to a list of sites. Money well spent in my opinion.

OHFB A new site that is exciting to me. I place my last special with them. Several things I like about this site. Under their FAQ, they make a statement about their promotions. I found that they delivered what they promised. They also gave me my numbers from their site, which I found extremely useful. I highly recommend this site.

BOOKSENDS– I have used this site a few times with good results.

PEOPLESREAD– This one I have used a few times recently. Cheap advertising with decent results. For the money, well worth it.

Now there are tons of other placeslike I’ve said these are the ones that have worked best for me that I’ve paid for… I’ve heard Pixel of Ink is a wonderful place to advertise as well. I can’t say. I’ve only had one free book on their site a couple of years ago. They haven’t taken anything of mine since. I have also heard good things about Pixel Scroll.

Now I can recommend other places like:

GOOD BOOKS, GREAT READS– Wonderful site. Recommend checking it out.

Some sites are free. You can go to Author Marketing Club and get list to where you can submit for free.

I asked other authors for suggestions. I had one suggest The Romance Studio. I have not used them, but she said that she was happy with her results.

I, also, had another author who was kind enough to share information she has accumulated. If you are looking for review sites, she has a comprehensive list. SHADOWS OF THE PAST blog has a whole list of free review sites.

You may notice that this list isn’t that long. Marie Force is right. Not many promotions can guarantee results. If you have had results from a site, please let me know. I will include it in my author resources page.

Hope this helps anyone interested in promotions. Have a great day!