Once a legendary pirate, Anne Bonny is a Sentinel, a soldier for mankind’s mysterious guardians, the Angeli. Anne will live 1000 years, but in return, she must hunt & neutralize Perfidia, corrupted Angeli who drain human energy to survive. Together with her fellow Sentinel, Con, and Arch Angeli Michael, Anne must face an added threat; a new breed of Perfidia possessed of untold power.
Monsters are only half Anne’s troubles; her stormy love life would make Blackbeard pack up ship and move to Kansas. After losing his corporeal body in battle, Anne’s former lover, Con Carey, visits her by possessing the bodies of humans, often with embarrassing results. In the meantime, Anne’s complicated romance with the aloof Arch Angeli Michael has intensified, but is their love spawned by the magnetic attraction of their powers? Or something deeper?
Can this unusual love triangle work together to protect the world from the cosmic horrors sworn to destroy it?



“..Author Amy Vansant has created humorous, captivating characters… The world she’s created is so real… It’s a page turner and Vansant is a compelling writer. Highly recommend.” — Actress/Comedian Suzy Soro

“I couldn’t put this book downcouldn’t wait to get back to their unraveling tale and when I got to the last page like all of these people; I am waiting for the sequel!!!” — Fairy Tale Access

From the Author

Angeli: The Pirate, the Angel and the Irishman started out as a dream, literally. Granted, like most dreams, when started writing out the dream it made next to no sense, so I spent the next three years, on and off, creating Anne Bonny’s world, and urban fantasy without vampires or werewolves but none the less not quite everyday normal…

Angeli  has a quick pace, a good dose of humor, mystery, thrills a bit of romance. It’s a fun read and hopefully infectious, though not in a skin rash sort of way