ROMANTIC PICKS REVIEWS That Summer Night by Barbara Freethy



Author: Barbara Freethy



Publisher: Fog City Publishing, LLC


305 pages

Romantic Suspense

Rating: 4 Stars

This novel while being the 6th in a series is an exciting action packed stand alone read.  The main heroine is a doctor who finds herself in a horribly traumatic situation in another country while working on a pharmaceutical trial.  Her mentor who helped her along the way in her career is missing and she’s tasked with doing him a favor by encouraging an estranged sibling to assist her.  The truth is that up front I felt like I knew where the story would go and I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t go the way I expected.  Each time I thought I knew what was coming the author blind sided me with suspense and pulled me back into rooting for both answers and love to win.  The best part is when I finished I wanted to know more about this family.  Now I am off to download more of the series because all of the stories mentioned in this one that intersect with the characters sound fabulous.  I am hooked!