ROMANTIC PICKS Shift by Tonya Clark #NewRelease




For Cammie Mitchell, getting her dream job was a complete surprise. As a certified, Texas country girl, she was ready to put her medic degree to good use as a personal medic to some of the best riders in Texas. Stepping into an arena, she finds herself shocked to discover that bulls are replaced with bikes. It seems her dream may have just taken a strange and dangerous new twist.

Kade Maddox is arrogant. And he knows it. This playboy and number one best motocross rider in Texas, has only one thing on his mind; winning. That is, until Cammie walks into his life as Sandy Racing’s, new medic.

With one trying to keep things professional and the other trying to become the top rider of his sport, neither are prepared for the shift about to happen in their lives. Discover this fast paced new romance novel today.



There are a few things Parnell Stillman is dead certain he will never do:
He’d never fall in love.
He’d never have kids.
He’d never be a hero.
Captain Stillman’s first and only love is flying. The struggle to keep his air cargo business solvent is challenge enough. Rebecca Hollis believes caring for others is the road to happiness. Tasked to shepherd five orphans on a flight to a conclave to meet prospective adoptive parents, she learns it takes much more. Stillman’s plane is caught helpless in the grip of an ice storm that sends it plunging into a frozen wilderness. Rebecca determines she and the disagreeable pilot must work together to insure the survival and rescue of the orphans. Parnell Stillman has other ideas. So do the orphans who determine to weather every hardship. Rescue means a return to foster homes and an uncaring welfare system. Or maybe not.




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Romantic Picks Spotlight Author of the Week


Write about what you know.  I’ve taken this advice to heart, creating characters who live in small towns and plots that unfold in the great outdoors.
I grew up in Gasquet, a tiny town in Northern California, where as kids we swam in the river, ran wild in the woods, and rode our bikes every-where we wanted to go.  Now I live in Tahoe City with my husband, two daughters, and dog, Ginger.  When I’m not busy writing or being a full time mom, I enjoy taking Ginger for hikes in the woods around our home.
Whether I’m writing romantic suspense, contemporary, or historical romance, I try to bring the beauty of nature to my stories.
I graduated from U.C. Davis with a double major in history and creative writing.  Though I’ve worked in both the restaurant and ski industries, I never wanted to be anything but a writer.  After many years of pursuing my passion, I’ve finally achieved success with the publication of VICTIM OF DESIRE and my CLASS OF ’85 stories, proof positive that dreams do come true!


Welcome! I’m just starting Romantic Picks Blog up at the moment. Be patient with me. It won’t go live until July for all intents and purposes. I have in mind what I want to do here on Romantic Picks. If you follow me on Novel Works, you can get a just of what I do- I promote the works of authors and help readers find exciting, intriguing, romantic books to read! This site will be designed for readers! I want to hear from you- what you want and need to help you find the book you are looking for.

At the moment all I have up are my books…that will change. I have to get organized and then I’ll bringing in other authors, blogs, reviews…everything you will want and need to find a great romance book to read.

I want to make this simple like on Novel Works. What I foresee is simple post most of the time…the book, the blurb, the link to buy…reviews if there are any I can supply. I also want to supply you information where you can go from here to help make a choice. Books on all the different sites, blogs that promote books… Everything I will do here is free. I do it because I love to help other authors and met readers.

I’m laying low for a little while this summer for a couple of reasons. First, I’m celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary to the most wonderful man. We are going away to celebrate. I won’t be on the internet during that time. (I promised him.) Second, I’m in the midst of trying to finish my next release, Ruse of Love. When I come up, I hope to give you an endless supply of all types of romances- contemporary, historical, paranormal and fantasy.

Until that time – as I said- I’m just setting up this blog. I only have my books up here at the moment.  Check them out if you get the chance. I will be back. Be patient. Look for Romantic Picks to come up mid-July.

Daughter of Deceit


The Promise

Ruse of Love