Adult language and situations.

High-priced call girl Tawny Dell boasts a client list that’s part Fortune 500, part Five Families. With a PhD in art history and a tidy chunk of money stashed offshore, she hangs up her G-string with plans to retire to a Mediterranean island to open a gallery. Lincoln Walsh, NYPD sex-crimes investigator, has other ideas. He wants Tawny to work undercover at a high-class sex club to discover who murdered a prostitute with ties to the club. The club is owned by an ex-hedge fund manager who’d do anything to hook Tawny into his harem. In exchange for Tawny’s cooperation, Linc’s office, in collaboration with Treasury, will see she avoids prison for failing to pay Uncle Sam his share from years of illegal earnings. But Tawny gets more than she bargained for—another dead prostitute, a mob boss who’s an old client, and romantic stirrings for the hot New York cop sending her back into the world’s oldest profession. Adult language and situations.

ROMANTIC PICKS #SUMMERREADS Goddess of the Moon by Polly Iver


New Orleans police lieutenant Ernie Lucier brings in psychic Diana Racine to consult on a baby kidnapping. Can she glean any vibes from where the baby slept? Clutching the infant’s blanket in her hands, Diana envisions the baby in the placidness of a sun-drenched pink room―and something more―a pervasive aura of evil. Clues lead first to a hospital worker, next to Brother Osiris, director of a homeless shelter, and finally to some of the richest, most powerful men in the state. A combination of mysticism, mythology, and the black arts lures Diana and Lucier deeper into a devilish plot that puts both their lives in danger. Can they extricate themselves before they disappear forever?