by Heather Peters

Nick Dante, number one pitcher for the California Condors, moves back to his native Brooklyn after an injury in the last game of the season. Once he discovers his ex-wife, Jenna has also moved back to New York, he has a singular intent – find out why Jenna divorced him in the first place.

Jenna Valentine can’t but still pine for the man who was the love of her life. But what will happen when Jenna finally confesses the secret that drove her to end their relationship? Will she break his heart all over again? Or will Nick forgive her and prove he’s …Playing for Keeps.

Mia Sinclair, publicity director for the New York Thunder, is also the boss’s daughter. Quinn Rafferty, fun loving star goaltender for the Thunder defies authority and Mia’s overprotective father. They begin a torrid affair that threatens both their positions with the team, and causes Mia to re-think their relationship. Should she trust her own instincts? Or is Quinn’s interest no more than a … Body Check.

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