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“Jalina (5 yo) loves Musiville. She’s decided she wants to learn to play a musical instrument but doesn’t know which one yet.”
~ S.K. Nicholls

Award-winning finalist, Book Excellence Awards

Let’s Face the Music and… Conduct!

The only thing that can save Musiville is a musical symphony. Sounds easy enough. But in a world where everyone believes only their own music to be worth playing, it is the hardest task the village’s musical animals have ever faced.

A funny, upbeat, music-filled story that can be enjoyed by both children and adults from the author of the multiple award-winner Runaway Smile.

What Readers Say:

“Hugely imaginative, beautifully illustrated… a natural wisdom with no scent of sanctimony. It will become a classic.”
~ Philippa Rees

“This delightful story is sure to enthrall and entertain readers and listeners alike. Its lyrical text and engaging artwork leap off the pages as its characters teach us the value of diversity and cooperation.”
~ Bette A. Stevens

“If you’re looking for your next children’s story, don’t look past this one.”
~ Sue Coletta

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