This week on Novel Works Octoberfest With Books continues with The New Kindle Book Review Finalists.
This according to their blog which says…
We feature great kindle books, by great authors who are getting great reviews. The authors we feature are often lesser known and up and coming – but not always. No matter who we feature, we take pride in promoting excellent books. You’ll only find books that have at least 10 reviews with a 4.0-star rating or higher here at the KBR (with the exception of our FREEBIES). So feel free to peruse our site and grab a great read and take advantage of the amazing deals that you can ONLY get from indie and small press authors. We strive to be a kindle “Filter”, weeding out the books with poor reviews. We bring great ebooks to your attention everyday, so you can always find something new to read, and something you know you’ll enjoy.
I’m excited this week to welcome so many great authors and books…you know I love books. I’m happy to be hosting such a great group of writers. Some I’m sure you’ll know; others you will.
Most days, Romance in Books, Romantic Picks concentrates solely on romance. This week I will post all different genres from Romance to Sci/Fi Fantasy. I believe that all books have a semblance of romance in them.
Join me this week and welcome this wonderful group of authors!