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The holidays are a perfect time to binge watch. I’ll admit I was excited to watch Bridgerton. I finished it yesterday and thought it would be perfect to review here on Romantic Picks. I do recommend romances. Matter of fact, I have recommended Julia Quinn’s books before. The difference here is that its a TV series and not her books.

I have met Julia Quinn at a Romance Conference years and years ago. There couldn’t have been a nicer person. She was extremely personable and likable. I have found that to be the case with most of the authors I have met. I have come up with a theory its because they are happy with their job. They are doing what they love.

A surprising fact you might not realize is that Julia Quinn is extremely smart. She graduated from Harvard and was even a winner on The Weakest Link. Julia isn’t the only smart Romance author. I know both bestselling authors Sarah MacLean and Eloisa James have graduated from Ivy League schools. Eloisa James also has a PHD. Interesting tid-bit, Yale graduate politician, Stacy Abrams is also a romance novelist who writes under the name Selena Montgomery.

Now to get back on topic, Bridgerton. I have read the first book and a couple of others in the series. I loved them. Awesome historical romances. Julia Quinn is a fabulous writer…but how does that transform to a TV series. As it turns out, pretty well.

Watching the series, I felt as though I was reading a romance. I thought the hero, Simon, and heroine, Daphne, were right on mark. There was immediate attraction, obstacles to overcome, and the most important ingredient— a happily ever after.

Issues that I have read about the Netflix series have included a problem that some of the main roles are played by black actors. It is widely known that British Aristocracy is notoriously white and the poster child for white privilege. It also gave credit to Lord Dunmore for giving blacks an opportunity. The reference is when Lord Dunmore made a proclamation in 1775 to free slaves. But don’t give Dunmore too much credit. He made the proclamation for purely selfish reasons…to cause trouble for the colonists because they ran him out of Virginia. Dunmore himself was a slave owner.

So you might ask, having blacks play roles that could never have been theirs take away from the series. My answer is a simple no.

As in the musical Hamilton, the issue of skin color wasn’t a problem.

Skin color wasn’t the only other differences between Bridgerton and the real world. I doubt seriously that an Earl would try to bring his mistress to a ball…but it is a romance. Romance can take certain liberties. We are in fact creating a fantasy. Romance is written and popular because of that fact. A Romance novel is an escape…its supposed to be a brief escape from the world around us.

Shonda Rhimes has taken the books and captured the essence of a true romance story onto the screen. I found what Shonda Rhimes did by adding blacks into the story was to allow us to see what could happen if we treat people of color fairly.

I absolutely loved the chemistry between Rege-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor. As in romance novels, the sex scenes were passionate. I felt drawn to the characters. The storyline wasn’t overwhelming, but okay. I would definitely recommend watching this series. I’m looking forward to next season and am hoping to see more shows like this.

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