Winter's Blues GiveawayWINTER’S BLUES GIVEAWAY

First thought— Don’t forget to sign up for my latest giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Second thought — Still on Meghan and Harry’s side concerning the Royal Scandal. American point of view…first Meghan is one of ours. Yes, we romance lovers read Regency romances all the time, but we don’t really want to marry a real prince. We love our freedom of choice. Being locked inside a zoo really doesn’t do it for us…isn’t that what it must be like to marry into the Royal Family. Mostly, I hate it when it is said that Meghan is coming between Will and Harry. I just don’t think its fair to expect Harry to live in the shadow of a brother just because of birth. Let Harry spread his wings and see what kind of good he can do. Just my thoughts.

Third thought— Still upset with Survivor…and its killing me that they are bringing back the winners over the 40 seasons. But I can’t get over last season…

Fourth thought— Living in New England, I have to say something about the Patriots. My husband and son are depressed thinking that Tom Brady could leave, but my thought is appreciate the twenty great years he has given us and SIX superbowl championships. Life will go on.

Fifth thought— I broke down and got CBS Access. Yes, Picard did it for me. I couldn’t stand not watching it and honestly I think I’m going to love it. The question becomes is it worth it for one show.

Sixth thought—The world has a lot of issues that we all can worry about. Big ones: climate change, epidemics and the threat of war. Small ones: mortgage, kids, and parents. Sometimes everyone needs to escape. Advice—read a book, go to the movies, or get a massage. Escape if its only for a moment. Makes it easier to deal with reality.

Take care and have a great weekend!


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