ROMANTIC PICKS Recommends TV Shows! #ShowsToWatch

shows to watch

My last TV post talked about new TV shows. I’m standing by my first impressions on The Unicorn, Bob Meets Abishola, All Rise, Emergence, Perfect Harmony and Sunnyside. I think Emergence is on the edge of whether it will be a really good show, depending on where the plot is leading us. Moreover, it is the only show I’ve mentioned that I could  love. I enjoy the others, but I doubt whether I would lose sleep if they’re not on or not. Although, I will admit I do look forward to Bob Meets Abishola. I think its cute.

Like I promised, I’m going to talk about a few returning shows. On CBS, I always feel its safe to watch NCIS and Survivor. I love Survivor and have watched it since the first season. I always get attached to a couple of castaways. This year, I like Elaine, Missy, and Elizabeth. I don’t know why I like the show. I mean I can’t stand the lying and backstabbing that’s part of the game, but I have only missed a couple of seasons since it went on air. I do love Boston Rob no matter if he’s playing or not. He’s fun to watch. As for NCIS, do I need to say more than Mark Harmon.

ABC- I’ve been a big fan of Modern Family since it started its run. Sad to see it go, but its time. There will always be reruns. I do like the Connors as well. I watched a couple of episodes of A Million Little Things. I love the cast, but the show…its not This is Us, which its trying to copy.

NBC- Since I mentioned This is Us, I’ll begin there. This is Us is wonderful!!! Absolutely, love this show. It pulls the string of every emotion. The other show I love on NBC is The Voice. Good music. Good humor. Entertaining coaches. I will make a confession…I do watch New Amsterdam. I like it because of what could be. I don’t think its reality in any since of the imagination, but it would be nice if the world could be like that. I used to never miss an episode of The Blacklist, but it lost me a couple of seasons ago. I could say the same of Will and Grace. I was so excited when it came back on as a regular series, but this year— Grace getting pregnant? Really?

Now for a couple of observations on shows I binged. First, on Amazon Prime, Jack Ryan, Second Season. Honest review, it was okay. You know that commerical which says just ok is not ok. That’s the way I felt about the second season. I’m a huge John Krasinki fan. My complaint about the season has nothing to do with him. Its the script, not so good. The show doesn’t have a fluent flow, the research about Venezuela is wrong, there is no character development for some of the new characters, and the ending is questionable at best. But would I watch a season three, if they have one, I think so. If you watch it, let me know what you think.

On Netflix, they just released the second season of Mars. Highly recommend this show!!! Ok…ok…I’m a little bias. I love space. Once, I wanted to be an astronaut…a long time before there were women astronauts, but my love for a space adventure has never left me. I was honor to have been able to go behind the scenes at Kennedy Space Center last year on a social media event. I even got to met some of the people who appear in the show, not the actors, but the real people that talk. Great show. Also, on Netflix, I watched a couple of other movies that I would recommend for different reasons. A romantic movie, Holiday in the Wild, has beautiful scenery. Its like most romance novels. An escape from reality, but nice. The other is deep and disturbing, or at least, the movie was to me—American Son. I wanted to turn it off, but couldn’t. Flawed and heartbreaking, but one I would recommend.

Next week, Disney will go live with its stream. I will let you know what I think.

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