ROMANTIC PICKS #PATREON Support for #IndieAuthors



I’m Colleen Connally. I want you to read my books and would love your support.

I’m a bestselling Indie author on Amazon. I have eighteen books, eight under Colleen Connally and ten under Jerri Hines. I write mostly romances, mainly historical. My last release, Scream for the Camera, was a new genre for me, paranormal suspense. But the series I’m working on at the moment is epic fantasy.

So What is Patreon?

This is my first venture into this venue. I have heard some wonderful things about this site. I have come to discover that the best way to discover if something works is to try it out. Hopefully, this will be beneficial to us both. With your support for me, you will gain access to my writing process and books.

I will also be blogging. I can’t promise you what I will be blogging about. I imagine it will be mainly about books and writing. I love talking about not only my books, but other authors as well. I will confess, I will probably include my dog, Charlie, cooking, and who knows what else.

Would love your support! (2)

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