Welcome to Glacier Country! Luthor Devlin and his ranch hands were out tracking 20th century rustlers when they stepped into a time warp!

There on the jagged cliffs was a woolly mammoth, a sabre-toothed tiger and her – a tawny, near-naked savage. She was a primal fantasy come true – that left him stunned!

His gaze was locked onto hers. “I’d really appreciate an explanation of all this. You, the hairy elephant, and the cat with the overbite are not the norm in Montana. And I know you can understand my every word. So anytime you’d like to begin.”

Her relaxed appraisal hadn’t gone unnoticed by either the man or the large tiger. The latter proved her undoing. His mouth opened not to snarl again but to emit a long, loud, kittenish yawn. The tiger rolled over, rubbed his back and shoulders into the ground, his hind legs spread-eagle, yawned again, and pawed sleepily at his face. To the amazement of everyone, his sword-like teeth fell out.

“Damn it, Pumpkin, why couldn’t you have just growled!” She extended her hand. “Cam Stirling, action technician.” At his confused expression, she sighed. “Stunt woman.”

She was wild, irresistible – and he was the man to tame her. She dared the devil every day – why not Luthor Devlin!

Copyright 2011 by Elaine Raco Chase – updated with over 20 new pages, enhanced story content, explicit language and sensuality.

Meet Luthor Devlin and Cam Stirling in Dare the Devil:

His large hands settled possessively in the curve of her waist. “Luck and chance threw us together and I don’t think it would be a good idea to tempt fate.” He lowered his head, his mustache and lips teased the sensitive cord of her neck, moving ever so slowing upward to take leisurely possession of her lips. His tongue teased its way into the lush recesses beyond, savoring her sweetness before his mouth moved lower.

Cam leaned forward, her face snuggling into the curve of his neck. Her nose inhaling the scent of him, spice and leather and masculine sweat. Another louder, longer, mournful moan caused her to blink her eyes open.

She shuddered again and whispered into Thor’s ear. “I know you were very happy to see me, but I really hope that is a big gun in your pocket.”

“Hmmmm…what?” He looked up and found her eyes wide and fearful.

“We have company. Dangerous company.”


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