Journeys to knighthood and to womanhood conspire to bring a vampire knight and a touch healer together. Troubled pasts lead to a passionate present.

He faces a great honor and a most dire curse. In a ceremony performed by Merlin, Ryderholt, Son of Jud, and his other fellow knights are turned into something not human. Something other. As a Dark Knight, his new existence leads to dire consequences that will forever change his immortal destiny.

Jess Willowbrook grows up in the Appalachian mountains. With her grandmother, she lives a secluded life where she learns to use her supernatural healing powers. Loss, trials, and anticipation fill her life to bring her to a time when all is possible. If only she chooses to accept what’s offered.

What desires might their future hold?

Heat up the night with Knight Fever in this glimpse of what’s to come in this prequel novella to Vampire’s Quest, a captivating fated mate paranormal romance.

Each book in the Knight Fever features an engaging romance involving a paranormal knight, such as a vampire, shifter, or sorcerer, and a supernaturally gifted women or witch.

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Historical Romance/Historical Fiction Author I write under Colleen Connally as well—Historical Romance/Contemporary Romantic Suspense


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