Someone wantsAlyce Hythe dead… 

Shunned from London society for being the daughterof England’s most notorious spy, Alyce Hythe desires only to clear her father’sname. For years, she has been hidden away from all prying eyes, given a newidentity and told to forget who she was. But strange things have been happeningcausing old rumors to once more be whispered.

Long has Lord Julian Casvelyn lived with guiltbrought on when his brother was murdered by England’s most infamous traitor.But one eventful night has changed everything Lord Julian believed about hisbrother’s death. Never did he suspect the woman he has just saved from certainharm is the daughter of that man. Now Julian is caught in midst of a conspiracyand desire for that woman. Thrown together by fate, the two search for answerslong denied them and along the way discover a love that can free them both.



When Sissy Jones moves to the Smoky Mountains, she’s determined to follow her dream of owning a business by opening a coffee shop, right next door to a new paper starting up at the same time. The handsome publisher, David Bellwood, and Sissy discover an irresistible attraction to one another, but first, they must deal with mothers who aren’t always as they seem.


What happens after the last concussion? How long does an engagement last without turning into marriage? Is an unplanned pregnancy a dream come true or a nightmare? Real life takes over for the Connecticut Kings when the football season ends.
Catch the “play-by-play” for each Kings’ player in this book, the final in the series. With a chapter for each team member, and a few surprises thrown in, you’ll be on the edge of your seat, but satisfied when the final whistle blows. No First & Ten book would be complete without an action scene. But can you guess who’s playing? Read Overtime, and find out.


STAY BURIED is the first book in the Orchard Falls series about sexy hot, former military heroes who believe they have gone up against the scariest things life has to offer and still came out on top. But no amount of military training can prepare them for the most difficult challenge of all—falling in love.

John Ryder has secrets—dead bodies and two million dollars. The type of secrets that could ruin relationships, end careers and get somebody killed. Which is why they should remain buried.

With a bullet lodged in his heart his military career is now over and Ryder returns to his home town in Orchard Falls, Pennsylvania where he realizes he’s alone. His ailing father hates his guts. His much younger twin brothers are leaving for college soon. And a woman from his past is now his next door neighbor and is driving him crazy while he’s having lusty thoughts of another woman.

Caroline Appleby can’t seem to stay away from her new neighbor. But sexy, bad boy John Ryder isn’t interested in her unless she’s willing to hop into bed with him. And while she is willing, she wants more than just a sexual relationship with him. Why can’t he open up to her? What is he hiding? And why does he look at her the way he does with those black murderous eyes? She wants to rip away the layers and see what’s on the inside of this man who doesn’t think he deserves to be loved.

Years ago, Ryder and his friends made a pact to cover up a murder and never speak of it again. But when a member of that pact ends up dead, and people start pointing the finger at him, it’s time to take action. Only he never meant for Sweet Caroline to get into the middle of it all. Now her life is being threatened and it is up to Ryder to risk exposing his secrets in order to save her.

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Historical Romance/Historical Fiction Author I write under Colleen Connally as well—Historical Romance/Contemporary Romantic Suspense

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