With one leg and a pet cat, can Billie avenge her parents’ murders anddiscover a vigilante’s identity before more criminals die?



Julie Frayn writes an awesomely cool book called Goody One Shoe that reads like part fiction and part memoir. Being bullied isn’t something most us supermodels could relate to? Oh no. Never, but here this innocent third-grader hasn’t forgotten those days when the embarrassment seemed never ending and continues on through adulthood due to the fact that she has a prosthetic leg. Billie, a proofreader working her way towards freelance editing heaven. In life she finds she can’t stop thinking of things that need editing like stories in the newspaper. Not only does she want to fix the typos, she manages to put a new spin on the stories and changes the endings. She can’t not seem to edit. Even in her everyday, ordinary life. She is always taking out her red pen for corrections. It has moved onto her personal life as if there are constant captions shivering from above. If only we could edit out the things in our lives that we wish could be changed.

I loved the daring way the author approaches this story. Full of surprises and semi-sarcastic yet humorous moments. This is a smart achievement and I devoured this story in a flash. Lured me in and held me by the palm of its rubbery hands (is an iPad made of rubber?) well you get what I mean. Had a hard time putting this unpredictable adventure down. It’s not all laughs, as there are some grave parts, but it’s those dark bits that gives it its legs. Could appreciate the authors sensibilities and enjoyed her unusual style that had me guessing all the way through.

Goody One Shoe is a good one and I am so pleased I found a tweet with the link or I would have surely missed out.

~ Brenda Perlin, author

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Historical Romance/Historical Fiction Author I write under Colleen Connally as well—Historical Romance/Contemporary Romantic Suspense

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