Meet Casey Reynolds – she is NOT thin, petite, clueless, virginal or submissive.

Which is exactly why Travis Craig wanted to ‘kick down her door and throw her on that bed.’

Read the couple that reviewers have said: “their witty banter will have you laughing but their hot and steamy moments will have you begging for more.” “a book with solid characters & lots of humor” “amazing read, I wish it was longer.”

No BDSM! Meet the Keurig killer who makes one tough alpha male go down on his knees and a few other positions as well!

All Casey Reynolds wanted was peace and quiet and a long vacation from covering the crime beat in Boston. That’s why she agreed to borrowing a villa in Mexico to rest, be alone and work on her novel.

But then he showed up — Travis Craig. He said he was offered the villa to recover from a serious illness. He had just lost his teaching job and had no money to leave.

She agreed with his plan to share the house — but on her terms. Soon rest and relaxation were a thing of the past when their double occupancy proved too erotic to control.

“It was a stupid idea, sharing this place. It’s not like a co-ed dorm, it’s just you and me, not a bunch of people. And it’s quite obvious that all this togetherness has just made our hormones go crazy.

“Yes, that’s it…we are just two horny people being controlled by hormones. Between you being sick, then playing Tarzan and our trip to the jungle lagoon and all those olives and too much sun, and wet bathing suits. And you getting mad over the seven erotic knights – with a k, and my bad sunburn. Then me being Cleopatra with the perky ass and the milk baths and position number thirty-eight in the Kama Sutra.

“And you playing doctor and all that clinical foreplay and…and our underwear tumbling around in the washer and dryer together and wet bathing suits and you naked with a staple in your navel and -” her words skidded to a halt, she took a breath and realized she wasn’t making any sense. “God, I need a frozen cheesecake.

At his snicker, Casey squared her shoulders. “Don’t even go there, mister. I am not PMS’ing, contrary to your masculine brain. I never have PMS and the pills I take only give you a period three times a year and I’m not due for another three months.” Her hand slapped over her mouth. “Oh, my God, you have successfully driven me insane!”

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