ROMANTIC PICKS—Why WE (Readers and Authors Alike) Love BookBub


I went to NECRWA Conference last weekend and was fortunate enough to attend a workshop held by BookBub. The workshop helped explain how BookBub chooses the titles they feature. Not surprisingly, I found that they are data-driven with their picks. It was, also, interesting to find that their audience was mainly retired readers.

I love BookBub as an author and a reader.

As a reader, BookBub offers readers a wide range of discounted books. I have found the site offers me a wonderful opportunity to discover new authors at a deeply discounted price. I’ll be honest—most of my purchases from BookBub are the free deals.

As an Indie author, BookBub is a must. When I became an Indie author back in 2011, two things happened that made it profitable for me to do so. One was Amazon. After many rejections to the major traditional publishers, Amazon gave me the platform to become the author I wanted. Despite all the problems I have had…still have with Amazon, Amazon is my main source of revenue.

The second main thing that happened was BookBub. At another NECRWA Conference three years ago, I attended a workshop held by bestselling author, Marie Force. In it, she said that the only promotion that makes a huge impact on your sales is BookBub.

Now over the years, I have found other wonderful places to promote such as Digital Book Today, ENT, OHFB, and BookSends. I, also, use Reading Freely, Reading Deals, GreatBookDeals, FreeBooksy, Reading Cheaply, and JustKindleBooks. There are others…I don’t want to leave anyone out (feel free to leave a comment if you have a site that works well), but these are the ones that in my opinion are worth the money to promote one’s books.

Promoting can get pricey, but it is a must if you want to make money as an author.

But nothing comes close to sales as Bookbub.

BookBub has made authors bestsellers from Amazon to USA Today to even New York Times. I don’t know of another promotion site that can do that.

One might say, it is expense to promote on BookBub. I have always made back the money it cost for the promotion and more…making it well worth the price. I love BookBub, but as an author, I’m not accepted every time that I submit. Also, I am accepted more often for a FREE deal than a discounted one. I have absolutely no problem with that. The reason— I make more money from a FREE deal than a discounted one.

BookBub realizes that giving away the first book in a series is a great way to promote. The hardest thing for an author is getting their work in the hands of a reader. FREE gives a reader an opportunity to find new authors.

BookBub caters to all authors, traditional and Indie. All a reader has to do to find a great deal is look under your favorite category on their site to find a great deal…but all their promotions are for a limited time only except for their perma-free books.

BookBub has also begun to offer a couple of features that help both readers and authors.

FIRST— A reader can now follow their favorite author on BookBub. Following your author will give you notice of a new deal or a new release. Here are a few authors’ links so you can follow:

Jerri Hines                                     Jackie Weger

Carmen DeSousa                        Donna Fasano

Elaine Raco Chase                      Mimi Barbour

Colleen Connally                        Mary Campisi

Don’t stop there: put in your favorite author’s name in search. I can almost guarantee you will find they have an author profile on BookBub.

For any author…feel free to leave your link to your profile in the comment section.

SECOND— An author needs a profile on BookBub to be able to announce their new release. A must!!! Any author can set up a profile!

I’m certainly not an expert. This post is my personal opinion, but I hope this post helps a reader find a great deal and a new author. I hope for the authors it helps provide you some useful information.

Happy Reading!

8 thoughts on “ROMANTIC PICKS—Why WE (Readers and Authors Alike) Love BookBub

  1. I totally agree, Jerri, BookBub rocks. It is the most expensive of the promo sites but when No More Mulberries was accepted when it was free I made my money back and gained lots of reviews. Although I don’t have a series of books, sales of my non-fiction went up, too, even though it wasn’t beign promoted. Here’s my link on BookBub:

  2. Great post Jerry,
    No doubt about it, BB is the BigBoy (see what I did there?) in the promo market both in terms of results and cost of the adverts. As you say, they are hugely oversubscribed and can afford to be choosy.

    As for me, I write crime thrillers, not romance. If any of your readers fancy following my BB profile, the link is:

    Thanks for the opportunity to reach out, Jerry.


  3. Great post, Jerri. I agree. I’m thrilled when one of my books snags a Bookbub slot. Yes, it is costly. But an investment in our books and careers. I hate to tell this on myself, but I picked up aluminum cans to fund my first Bookbub. May the indie gods bless every redneck who tossed his empty beer cans along the Texas byways and dusty back roads. Because I came away from my first Bookbub promotion with an astounding return on investment. I promote with all of the other sites you mentioned, too.

  4. Bookbub launched my series in a way I probably couldn’t have accomplished. I was so broke the first time I landed a BookBub slot, I had to decide whether or not to use grocery money to pay. I went for broke and fed my family rice, beans, and ramen and took the BB slot. That promo alone bought in over $2,500!

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