Designs To Help Promote


I don’t think there is a question that Book Bub is quite popular. It is one of the preferred advertising options that authors and publishers love. Another awesome feature of Book Bub is their blog (Book Bub Partner’s Blog) for authors. They offered a ton of helpful information to help authors sale books.

But one of the problems I have at the moment. Time. I don’t have time to investigate some of their information. I save it to come back to later. I have so much coming at me right now. I need easy and simple.

Well yesterday afternoon, I took a moment to try out some of Book Bub Partner’s Blog suggestions.  I admit I had fun Canva and DesignFeed. The image above is from Designfeed. It was so simple.

I still have to finish up trying out all of  the article. I got sidetrack playing with images, but I would highly recommend following Book Bub Partner’s Blog for any author.

I’m not sure if these will help promote my books, but it’s fun and easy. Try it out! Wish finishing my next book was this easy!!!

Have a great day!



3 thoughts on “Designs To Help Promote

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I have the same problem of findng time to explore these kind of things – and they have to be really simple for me to follow as I’m technology challenged.

  2. Like you, I love BookBub’s blog, but miss a lot due to my schedule.

    I almost wish you hadn’t found this post for Design… It’s addicting!!!

    Thank you for that. LOL!

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