Happy New Year! Welcome back to Romantic Picks!

Changes have been made here on Romantic Picks. First, we will be hosting a giveaway every month. You will be able to find it at all times on Romantic Picks Giveaway page.

We’ve also added a Kindleunlimited Page which will be updated once a month.

I am thrilled to announce that Romantic Picks is starting ROMANTIC PICK REVIEWS. The reviews will be posted on the blog, but will also appear on its own Romantic Picks Reviews page.

I have updated the look of Romantic Picks, but I will continue to post great books to read during the weekdays!!

Don’t miss out on our new features. Enter to win this month’s giveaway…a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Relevant information:

No reviews will be done on any of my own books (Jerri Hines/Colleen Connally/Carrie James Haynes). The reviewers are individuals with their own opinions. The reviews will be honest and fair; any review that the reviewer considers a 2 or less won’t be posted. I want only to help readers find books they will enjoy.

If you have any questions, you can either leave a comment below or contact me at romanticpicks@aol.com.

Have a great day and a Wonderful NEW YEAR!


  1. Wow! Jerri, you have been working hard. Love the new look to the site. And Thank you for featuring The House on Persimmon Road in the Kindle Unlimited Pages.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2016…
    Best from Jackie Weger

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