ROMANTIC PICKS OCTOBER BOOK BLAST! The Beachcomber by Stephanie Queen


About USA Today Bestselling Author Stephanie Queen

Once upon a time, there was a young story teller in the kingdom…er, queendom. Then she grew up and… er, no… she never actually did grow up. That’s not to say she didn’t get old, or more old, but not terribly old, more like middle-aged really. Okay, so she was no longer short and cute.
But really, I always did like to make up stories. Still do. Still live in my own little world–where I’m Queen. Of the Queendom. Hence, the name. (Or whence the name?) Oh, what’s in a name anyway.
Now I’m sure you’re wondering how I manage to live, but I assure you I am quite competent. Except I couldn’t get the crown to actually sit on my head in the picture to the left.  Still learning…
Oh, about me. I love cats. I have a girl cat, a princess technically. Named Kitty. No, I’m serious. Long story. No, I don’t have time. Or space.Â
Okay, so I do not have the inclination.Â
More about me. I spend hours, days, weeks, months (you get the picture) sitting at my desk, looking out the window of my castle/bedroom and writing complete fabrications in a romantic whimsical vein. Alright, if you insist, you can call the writing quirky. But I do keep myself amused.
Yes, it’s true, and entirely believable, I do have a college degree. I’m not saying when I obtained said degree, however.  Go UConn!
Where do I live (for real) you ask? Among the picturesque lake-filled hills and dales (not sure what a dale is) of New Hampshire (the Granite State) (Live Free or Die) (Tough choice, but there’s a lot of tough people around here).
What else do I do besides write presumably fabulous romantic stories with noble heroes and amazing, warm heroines who you want to be just like? As if that’s not enough, I sometimes deign to teach, cook for the two gigantic very well-muscled sons and try to make sure Kitty doesn’t take over the house while I’m away in the Queendom. (That’s no joke.  The cat’s a control freak.)
I actually have a very rich non-imaginary life. Right at the moment, however, I can’t think for the life of me what else it’s all about. Maybe I’ll think more about it later and get back to you…



From USA Today Bestselling Author Stephanie Queen

Book 4 of the Scotland Yard Exchange Series

Dane Blaise desperately needs a vacation at his beach shack to rest his soul, but he can’t refuse a mission to rescue a woman in distress-especially when his old friend, Governor Peter John Douglas, asks him for help.
Shana George can’t turn down the first assignment in her new job at Scotland Yard, even if it means traveling all the way to Martha’s Vineyard in the U.S. and going undercover as a beach bunny heiress to enter a surfing contest–the very things she left Australia to escape.
Neither Dane nor Shana were looking for the explosive and unholy attraction that keeps them off-balance from the minute they meet.
While trying to find the missing heiress alive and trying to put the French conman, Jean Luc Ruse in jail, they discover that Jean Luc answers to men far worse than him.
Once Shana becomes the new target of the nefarious international slavery scheme, Dane needs to protect her or risk losing his soul for good.

LOOK OUT FOR Stephanie’s Free Christmas offering: Small Town Glamour Christmas and her new release: Beachcomber Investigations.

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