ROMANTIC PICKS #COZYMYSTERY Maya Mound Mayhem by Abby L. Vandiver


Book III in the Logan Dickerson Cozy Mystery Series

The two murders in Yasamee weren’t the first ones Logan had seen .
. .
Old enemies come back to haunt Logan as she finally gets to excavate the site in
Georgia that she thinks will prove her theory that the Maya migrated to the
United States. Miss Vivee and Mac, her partners in crime (solving), come to her
rescue when she’s caught red-handed with the bones of the murder victim, and she
puts her on the list of prime suspects.

This installment of the series mixes fact with fiction, history with mystery, and two – count ’em
two – murders for the quirky amateur sleuths to solve.

Other Books in the Series:
Bed & Breakfast Bedlam Book I
Coastal Cottage Calamity Book II

Coming Soon:
Book IV: Food Fair Frenzy

Book V:  Garden Gazebo Gallivant

Prequel: A Lesson in Murder

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