TheSunRises (1)

The Sun Rises marks the dramatic conclusion to Southern Legacy. It is my hope that Southern Legacy is a romance that will sweep you back into the past…to feel the consequences of the conflict that tore brothers apart, the heartbreak the war caused and the struggle to survive the aftermath.

I first wrote Southern Legacy ten years ago under the title of Whispers of a Southern Heart. I never could get a publisher to take my manuscript. I was told simply–it was too long. Too long….at the time it was 180,000 words. Completed today, putting all four books together–it is over 230,000 words. Given that a book is considered a novel at 50,000 words, I can’t argue that Southern Legacy is lengthy. In the age of the ebook, most authors try to keep their novels between 50,000-70,000 words to maintain their reader’s attention. I considered several options. I wanted to offer it at one price and release it a little at a time–like a true serial. I had to go through Amazon and Amazon refused. After a lot of consideration, I was left with only one choice–releasing Southern Legacy in a series of books. I realized I had a challenge before me on how to release my Southern Legacy.

I was told readers don’t like cliffhangers. In turn, I gave warnings that Southern Legacy was a serial…more one than one.  It has never been my intention to misled readers. My purpose has always been to weave a story that will make you feel connected to the characters and the challenges they face. It is my sincere hope I have succeed.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to have stayed with my Civil War saga. I hope that you will enjoy the journey’s end.

Warm Regards,
Jerri Hines


As promised, Southern Legacy will be released under one cover…all 677 pages….on November 9th! The print version will be offered as well!

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