Eva expects to have a long, happy life with her husband, Prince Micah, and their soon to be born child. However, a visit to his sick father, the king, lands Eva in turmoil. The queen, now self-appointed ruler in the king’s absence, informs her that her father is on his way to Zandell.

Her husband, Prince Micah, must go on a quest to save his father and he leaves Eva in the hands of the king’s guards. But Eva discovers the queen lied. Her father has given her three months to return home. The Northern Kingdom of Rael will not acknowledge the queen’s rule. If she doesn’t return, the king of Rael will regard that as a sign of war.

Left with no choice, Eva sets out for home. But her escorts abandon her. Stranded and alone in the wilds of Zandell, Eva must find the strength to endure thirst, hunger, and the elements. But worse, she discovers the queen has set a trap for her and her prince.

Now she must fight to stay alive. But soon, she has to choose between her husband and her unborn child.

Escape from Zandell is a fantasy novella of approx 35,000-words

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