ROMANTIC PICKS #SUMMERREADS #SUSPENSE – Entangled Dreams by Carmen DeSousa


When Alexandra Nicole was eight, she thought she was a princess in a fairytale. But after a tragic accident shatters her magical life, she finds herself in a cold and heartless reality.

As an adult, she once again faces harsh truths and decides to take control of her destiny. Unfortunately, choices have a way of entangling her dreams and pushing her down a dark and dismal path.

Alexandra must trust her instincts to escape danger, but be able to surrender all to find her happily ever after. Knowing how to decipher the difference, will be her toughest challenge.


“Another wonderful romance from Carmen DeSousa. I really love her books because she tells a great story about people who are not perfect, but are doing the best they can.” — WiLoveBooks
“Carmen writes such heartfelt stories with many twists and turns along the way.” — So Many Reads So Little Time
 “Deeply flawed and human characters that Carmen does masterfully” — Bestselling Author Christine Steendam
 From the Author
A romantic-suspense writer, Carmen’s novels overflow with romance, mystery, suspense, and of course, tragedy. After all, what would a great story be without a tragic event setting the stage? Her sensual and gripping mysteries have earned bestseller status on three continents because of their ability to make readers love, laugh, cry, gasp, and hope.
All of her novels arestandalones; however, she does link each of her stories with a little surprise. If you read out of order, you’ll never notice. But if you read in order, it’s fun. 

You can find her novels in print and eBook formats.
She Belongs to Me – December 2011
Land of the Noonday Sun – May 2012
Entangled Dreams – September 2012
When Noonday Ends – December 2012
Split Decisions – June 2013
Creatus – September 2013

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Historical Romance/Historical Fiction Author I write under Colleen Connally as well—Historical Romance/Contemporary Romantic Suspense

One thought on “ROMANTIC PICKS #SUMMERREADS #SUSPENSE – Entangled Dreams by Carmen DeSousa

  1. Thank you so much, Jerri! I hope your avid-reading friends enjoy reading ‘Entangled Dreams’ as much as I loved writing it. Also, although it’s Book Four in the Southern Suspense Series, it’s a standalone novel, so it can be read first, last, or anywhere in between. 🙂

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