With the upcoming release of The Heavens Shall Fall, I have begun a trivia game. As I stated yesterday, this week is a trial run. I’m moving the game over to my blog. Just follow the link!

Yesterday’s answers.

Who was saved on The Voice last night with the instant save?

Kat Perkins, Team Adam

Why did Hannah Corbett go to New York in WOB?


What famous American spy said “I regret I have but one life to give for my country?”

Nathan Hale

What film won the Oscar for Best Picture this year?

Twelve Years A Slave

What spy ring during the American Revolution is WOB loosely based on?

The Culper Spy Ring

For more Trivia War go to Jerri Hines blog! The game will continue.

Coming May 20th The Heavens Shall Fall!


The world of spies and traitors-love and betrayal converge on the path to the ultimate betrayal—the treachery of the American’s most infamous turncoat, General Benedict Arnold!

The cry for Freedom is at its darkest hour!

After the devastating loss at Saratoga, the British respond with a vengeance, aiming at taking a strategic hold on the South. In New York, the American spy network is in turmoil, leaving Rupert Arnett to pick up the pieces. Never has it been more dangerous, but never has the stakes been higher.


Under siege by the RedCoasts, Charles Town collapses, giving the Americans their most humiliating and worse defeat of the war. When Dr. Jonathan Corbett is taken prisoner, Rebekah faces her greatest personal challengefor the only way to save her husband’s life is to betray his trust. She turns to the one man Jonathan despises the most, General Marcus Durham.

On the return of Major John Andre to New York, Rupert recognizes something is amidst. The British intelligence seems to know Washington’s every move. Pressure mounts on him to discover what the British have planned. Amid untold dangers, Rupert turns to his one operative that can uncover the truth.

Now, time is of the essence. The crucial hour of the revolution is upon the Americans. There is a traitor in their midst. Can the network determine who the traitor is before all is lost? At what cost? Who one will pay the ultimate price for the cry of freedom?

Be swept up within the Winds of Betrayal saga! Captivating!

Spies and Traitors; Love and Betrayal!




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