Celebrating The Heavens Shall Fall! Game On! Winds of Betrayal Trivia War!


Trivia War!

To celebrate the release THE HEAVENS SHALL FALL, May 20th!—How about a little game of trivia?

Five questions a day during the weekdays. For the month of May, the game will be centered around my series Winds of Betrayal. There will be much more! Be patient with me while I work out the kinks. It’s the first time I’ve hosted this game. I wanted something differentsomething fun and interactive.

I’ll put the names of people who get the correct answers into the hat at the end of the week. The winner will receive a $5 gift certificate to either Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. I will announce the winner on the blog and twitter. It will be the responsibility of the winner to get in touch with me at my email- romanticpicks@aol.com with Trivia War in the subject heading. At the end of the month, one lucky random person will win a $50 gift certificate. All correct answers will be in the drawing!

Because it’s going out on twitter, I have to shorten the title of Winds of Betrayal. It will be called WOB. The hashtag to be used is #WOBTW. It means Winds of Betrayal Trivia War. You need to answer here on the blog under comments. If you retweet or share on Facebook from my page, I’ll enter you into the hat whether or not you get the answers right or not. It will help get the word out.
Let’s try it out. Get a head start on it and work out any kinks. Let’s do it for the next three days and see where it goes. Let me know what you think of the questions. Too easy? Too hard? Interesting? Let me know.

You have five questions a day. Which means you can enter five times a day!

Below are the first five questions. However you can get the answers is fineGoogle itask a friendread a book! Want to have a discussion about the question. Ask. Talk. Mingle.

The Heavens Shall Fall is the fourth bookaction packed. It is historical fiction, but there is romance in the midst of spying and battles (on and off the battlefield).I wanted to jog readers memories and entice others to reading the whole series.  Join meLet’s have some fun! Yesyou will notice a certain bias to Boston’s sports in the questions!

Who was saved on The Voice last night with the instant save? #WOBTW #RT https://romanticpicks.wordpress.com/

Why did Hannah Corbett go to New York in WOB? #WOBTW #RT https://romanticpicks.wordpress.com/

What famous American spy said “I regret I have but one life to give for my country?” #WOBTW #RT https://romanticpicks.wordpress.com/

What film won the Oscar for Best Picture this year? #WOBTW #RT https://romanticpicks.wordpress.com/

What spy ring during the American Revolution is WOB loosely based on? #WOBTW #RT https://romanticpicks.wordpress.com/

Answer below for your chance to win. Who knows when I will decide to give away ebooks also!

Haven’t read Winds of Betrayal? The first three are all bundled.



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