ROMANTIC PICKS FRIDAY FREEBIE- Deliciously Erotic Romance Collection by Breena Wilde

71U+7d07pnL._SL1000_Genre: Erotic Romance 

These stories are intended for mature audiences. They contains graphic sex, violence, and language that may be unsuitable for those under 18. 


Christmas Pleasures: A Heartwarming Erotic Short (Blurred Lines) 
Lincoln is John Zane’s bodyguard. He’s known for his ability to follow orders to the extreme. But he’s more than that. He’s a hot-blooded man with insatiable needs and the ability to please a woman in every way. 
Mindy is a makeup artist in Hollywood. She is used to being in the background… until she meets Lincoln. 
He makes her feel like she’s the star. And in Hollywood, that’s everything. 

Frosted Midnight: An Erotic Love Story 
Willow needs a sexy Christmas miracle… 
Twenty-year-old Willow is a librarian in the tourist town of Bandon, Oregon. During the summer the town is bursting with interesting people from all over the world. 
Two summers ago she met Austin. He was everything she ever wanted in a man: smart, funny, and gorgeous. But after eight perfect weeks he left, and she hasn’t heard from him since. 
Until Christmas Eve. She receives an email from Austin asking her to meet him at midnight so he can explain. 
It might be a booty call, but Willow has to see him one last time, even if it’s just to say good-bye.  

Haunted Halloween: A Paranormal Erotic Short 
Amanda attends her company’s annual Halloween masquerade party and is treated to a sexy night she’ll never forget. 

The Blue Room (Blurred Lines) 
We know what Cadence thought the moment she first met John Zane, but what did Zane think of Cadence. You’re about to find out. And be prepared. Zane has a deliciously dirty mind. 

Erotic Romance 

Blurred Lines 
Distorted Lines 
Crossed Lines 
Dirty Lines 

Blurred Lines Volumes 1-4 Boxed Set 

Irresistible Lines 
Twisted Lines 
False Lines 
Gratifying Lines 

Blurred Lines Volumes 5-8 Boxed Set

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