Monday’s Historical Romantic Picks-A Tenacious Grasp on Reality by Sharon Desrusiseaux


 Sophia and her daughters make a bold move from the suburbs of Boston to the wilderness of Maine. They leave all they know behind on a quest for tranquility. The house they move into was built in 1787 and with a yard bigger than any neighborhood they have ever lived in prior.

However, things begin to test their endurance with the history of the house coming alive before their very eyes. Odd things occur all around them and bring their reality to question. In living in an historical house, there is a lot to consider with all presented that goes way beyond the mere age of the structure. There are forces and a history that might just question all you are familiar with in bringing live before you a window into another realm. Things are not where placed before, voices of those long past beckon your notice, and even the thin veil up for so long, begins to weaken and introduce one to a realm not meant to collide with the current time.

Sophia and her children knew normal in all sense of the word, yet needed peace from all that surrounded them. Sophia worked hard to make her dream of being a writer tangible and in a way to better support her children. With their new house, they realized a life only read about with a huge antique house and endless acres to roam about and to have the farm they always cherished in their hearts. In leaving all familiar for a new life, it is a huge risk, but to have to deal with things beyond the normal comprehension, things tend to be a bit more challenging. Sophia struggles to give her children a life she never had, away from the chaos of an area spilling over from its abundant population. In their new home in Chester Village, they breathe in the fresh air of the country as never before thought possible. Yet, with all entailed and brought new to their lives a force perniciously creeps in to introduce itself to the young family, as they had never thought possible.
Would this woman be allowed her dream, or would something maleficent take that away? Not all on the paranormal plane is sinister, for there are those forces who want resolution and for the wickedness to leave as those living on the adjacent material plane do. In being a writer, Sophia used her talents to research the history of the house in Chester Village to find the underlying cause of the odd occurrences that have broken free fomenting the once dormant diabolical entities that seek to stop all of her efforts. Yet, she knows that knowledge is paramount to solving any issue and what she learns about the history of her dream house is something that she is bound to use on her mission for tranquility.
This tale is about all Sophia is determined to gain for her children and the challenges along the way. It is one thing to have a quest to reach a goal, and quite the other, for a goal to be constantly blocked by forces beyond the tangible realm surrounding. She holds on dear to all she knows with all she has in assiduous fortitude to fight for the serenity she so desperately yearns for.

For those of you who want to read a typical ghost story, there are tons out there. For those of you who want a ghost story vividly painted before you in classic format with prodigious detail, this is the tale for you. This is a story of a woman determined to conquer the maniacal forces that have entered her life material and paranormal. She moves to a land protected by the Abenaki tribe of long before the initial settlers ever stepped foot in the vast wilderness surrounding. This tale also brings to light; the tales of those who stayed behind long after their remains have turned to dust. Can two worlds reside in unison and peace? This is the question one must consider when delving into this eloquently rendered tale as it piques issues inherently bold and not often defined in this modern era.

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