Wednesday’s Romantic Picks New Release- The Beast of Renald by Amber Dane


A widow with a treasure trove of secrets…

A brooding and reclusive Norman Warrior…
Lady Caroline, widowed with her son by her side is devastated when she is forcefully wed to the king’s man known as The Beast. She’d survived one loveless marriage, she could survive another. But it would be hard to do when the scarred man holds her heart from first sight

The lovely widow’s kiss tore his unforgiving soul asunder
England has been conquered and Darc Renald agrees to go on one last quest with his king to crush usurpers, the last thing he expects is to find himself wed and saddled with the chestnut- haired widow and her young son.

From the Author

Darc looked up.
Across the stream a gang of bandits stood there watching him. Their menacing presence made even more so by the weapons they carried. These were no mere peasants like the ones who had happened upon him and Rourke. Nay, these men, their clothes bespoke of fine quality and the sun glinted off the mail they wore under their tunics. Poachers they were not. Darc clucked his tongue and his mastiffs sat their large bodies down flanking him, their low growls and woofs of warning puffed out of their throats.
One of the men across the river, a tall fellow, big in chest as he was round all over nodded and a lopsided smile spread across his mouth. Darc’s blood boiled.
The look the man had given him was a challenging one and Darc would know who had sent the fool before he cut off his head.
The small group disappeared and fell back into the trees as if they had not been there at all. The river was too deep for him to cross.
Within seconds Renald knights poured out from the wood beside him.
Darc gave them the nod to go after the men. His men would have to go a ways down the riverbank to where it was low enough for the horses to cross safely. By then the strangers would be long gone, but he hoped they had left a trail. His dogs would pick up their scent. He turned and followed, his anger growing with each step.
There was no sight of them. No trail.
Gan approached and pointed in the direction of a thick part of the wood. Darc gave the order to enter. It led nowhere as well.
The dogs followed the men’s scent so far then stopped and howled, barking. The trail ended at the curve in the road. They found nothing but a small encampment these men had dared set up near low lying bushes that as Darc approached, gave a partial good view of the inner bailey of his castle. He swept his eyes around the encampment. Rage filled him anew at how dangerously close these men had been to his home, to Caroline, Kelbie and he looked back at the castle.
He now knew who had sent them. It was another sign. William had been right.
Raven was nea

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Historical Romance/Historical Fiction Author I write under Colleen Connally as well—Historical Romance/Contemporary Romantic Suspense

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