Wednesday’s Romantic Picks Bargain Spotlight- A Place To Call Home by Christina James



by Christina James

Romantic Picks Bargain Spotlight Book!

Dangling precariously from a ceiling, Hannah O’Leary never expects her rescuer to be so gorgeous…or so irritating. After a horrible childhood of running from her abusive father, Hannah moves from place to place expanding her restaurant chain, never allowing herself to get close to a man, and never choosing a place to call home.

From the moment he pulls Hannah to safety, Austin “Mac” MacDevin is captivated by the saucy redheaded woman who wishes to hire him for renovations on her new restaurant. Mac, a divorced single dad raising three sons, isn’t prepared for the lust that feisty Hannah ignites in him.

Working together, Hannah and Mac’s passion heats up. Her spitfire attitude is just what Mac needs to shake up his orderly but lonely life. Surprisingly, Hannah blends in easily with Mac and his boys, creating a home life she never had. When Hannah realizes Mac can give her the family she’s yearned for, can she stop running and set down roots? Or will the cruel plot of Mac’s ex-wife make the decision for her and destroy the only love she has ever had?


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