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by Kathryn Brown


Rachel Phillips, mid twenties, a little naive, rather gullible, has fallen for a married man. The thing is, he’s also fallen for her. In too deep, Rachel and married man Steve, begin an affair and develop intense feelings for each other, knowing what they’re doing is wrong. But after nine months of lies and deceit, Steve’s wife Olivia finds out and gives him an ultimatum. It was inevitable that someone’s heart would get broken, but Rachel truly believed it wouldn’t be hers and certainly not twice within a matter of days. Seventeen years later, Rachel has been married, widowed and moved on to a new life in a little Scottish village in Perthshire. But one day her life comes crashing down around her when she spots Steve and Olivia in a nearby town, looking happy and very much together. So sure she’d got over Steve, she soon realises she’s never been able to move on since falling in love with him and when Steve sees her and follows her home, Rachel has to make it clear that she’s no longer the naive twenty-something he once knew. But is she? Does the flame reignite when they meet again after seventeen years? And is Steve still in love with Rachel, or has he moved on? Nightingale Woods is a down-to-earth romance focusing on the difficult issues infidelity creates, but with a humorous mixture of trying to overcome being “the other woman”

5* REVIEW: “I loved this book! Like the author’s first book, Discovery At Rosehill, this is compelleing and I could not put it down.”

5* REVIEW: “Nightingale Woods is a heart rendering story about the other woman, told entirely in the first person. I loved this book.”

5* REVIEW: “Just finished reading this book what a great story first book that I have read by Kathryn brown but as soon as I finished this I went on to amazon to download “discovery at rosehill” looking forward to reading that next”

5* REVIEW: “I have just finished reading this book after putting my life on hold for two days! It is compelling reading and lots of it made me smile and even laugh out loud along the way. The main character Rachel is very likeable and down to earth.”

5* REVIEW: “Absolutely fantastic! I couldn’t put it down. Kathryn’s books get better and better. I can’t wait for the next one!”

5* REVIEW: “I finished this book in two sittings, desperate to know what was going to happen at the end. Kathryn did a fantastic job of allowing me to really get inside Rachel’s mind and heart by writing the first half of the book in diary format.”

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