Whispers of a Legend, Part Four-TIME OF THE NUXVENOM



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by Carrie James Haynes

The Nuxvenom—the time declared by the Arachindaens for their ascension to power; the time of their rule; the time for the annihilation of all who do not submit to their authority. Over the years, the Sordarins have slept well secure in the knowledge that the Great One guards over them and protects them from this Nuxvenom. Now, though, our world has once more been targeted; Asmeodai’s evil looms on the horizon and fear lives in the hearts of the Sordarins for our very existence is threatened.
I, Kela Calledwdele, have been trained for one purpose—to protect my people from this evil threat of Asmeodai. I did not ask for this, but have embraced my destiny. The path before me has never been easy, nor do I expect my tribulations to lessen as I continue my journey, but I hold to this destiny for I hold to my faith in the Great One.

With the acknowledgement as King Edulf’s granddaughter, Kela is swept into a world strange to her. Moreover, Kela discovers the world she now walks harbors its own dangers. For not only does Kela face the looming threat of the evil Cyaika and Arachindaens, she is forced to confront deception and betrayal from within her own ranks. Never have the stakes been greater—never has her world faced a greater danger—never has more been asked of the Euchoun. The time of the Nuxvenom is now!


Time of the Nuxvenom (spoiler free!) 5 Dec 2012

By Jenny – Published on Amazon.com
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I had been looking forward to this release and was not disappointed. The story takes several major twists and turns, as it did in each of the previous installments in the series – it was hard to put the book down! The events and reveal at the end of the book has me anxiously awaiting the next.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has read and enjoyed the first three books.

5.0 out of 5 stars Still addicted 18 Dec 2012
By bosslady2010 – Published on Amazon.com
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
When I began the series, I quickly became addicted to the characters. Although I had to wait for quite some time for this book to release, it was worth the wait. I am still addicted. I’m looking forward to knowing more of Kela’s story.

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Historical Romance/Historical Fiction Author I write under Colleen Connally as well—Historical Romance/Contemporary Romantic Suspense

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