ADeadlyLove_w6726_300A DEADLY LOVE

by Jannine Gallant

In the heart of the redwoods, a madman waits…

Recovering from a broken engagement and determined to start over, Brooke Wakefield flees to her grandmother’s home deep in the redwood forest. Discovering her teenage crush lives next door is a less than auspicious beginning. The last thing she needs is another man to break her heart, but every time Dillon glances her way, her heat level soars.

Dillon Tremayne isn’t looking for a relationship. With a young son, an eccentric grandfather, and a logging company running him ragged, he can’t afford any romantic entanglements. But Brooke’s humor and strength are hard to resist.

When a woman from his past is brutally murdered and another disappears, Dillon is heartsick–and terrified the killer will target Brooke next. Can Brooke and Dillon find love in the heart of the forest? Or will a madman’s twisted dream destroy their chance at happiness?


Women start disappearing and two out of the three have one thing in common—they once dated Dillion. Now Brooke is back and she starts seeing Dillion, and it’s only a matter of time before the killer strikes again.

Brooke arrives back to her grandmother’s hometown on a foggy night and that’s where everything begins. She is being very cautious because of the fog when a woman in a white gown startles her and she hits a tree. Guess who comes to her rescue? None other than the boy next door on whom she had a crush. Now he is a handsome man but there’s nothing wrong in being friendly. As time passes, they end up spending lots of time together alone and also with his son, Zack. She is not ready for a relationship after what happened with her ex-fiancé (he turned out to be gay) but she isn’t averse to a little fun.

Dillion is a single father and is not ready for commitment. He has enough on his plate with taking care of a highly energetic son and grandfather. His wife passed away in a plane crash along with his parents. He has dated before but the one time when one of the kidnapped victims talked about marriage, he pulled away and that was the end of that relationship. There is something about Brooke though that tugged at him. She is funny, smart and loves Zack. But he convinces himself that he only wants to have fun with Brooke.

When Brooke’s friend Stephanie is kidnapped, Dillion pieces together the serial killer’s pattern and they have only two weeks before another woman is found dead. But Dillion takes Brooke out of town on that fateful night and the serial killer is now pissed. It is only a matter of time before he gets Brooke right where he wants her—near the woods.

A DEADLY LOVE is a page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It will also keep you guessing who from that small town could have killed the women. Only a sick psycho would think of tying the women to a tree and cut open their chest and take their heart. I could not believe how gruesome these killings were. Even though this book was a little over 300 pages, I read it in one sitting. I could not put the book down. Ms. Gallant really knows how to keep your attention, employing an explosive combination of suspense and the sizzling chemistry that Brooke and Dillion shared.
If you love romantic/ suspenseful story lines, then you absolutely need to pick up A DEADLY LOVE. I truly enjoy Ms. Gallant’s writing style and I will continue seeking more of her books.


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