by Jerri Hines

Book One of the Winds of Betrayal Series!

Review of Patriot Secrets

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Patriot Secrets! I am a huge ‘Gone with the Wind’ fan and this story takes place during the Revolutionary War with the same social structure as the characters in ‘Gone with the Wind’. Hannah Corbett is strong willed and determined to do what she can to support the cause and find out who betrayed her family. Loved how each character is brought out throughout the entire book and the historical references from the war. The end does leave room for future books and the second installment in the Winds of Betrayal series ‘Ruse of Love’ is almost as good as the first (telling the story of Hannah’s brother, Doctor Johnathan Corbett). I eagerly look foward to future books and to read more about each character.  — Hickory

“It’s a dangerous game you set to play, Miss Corbett. One that can have far worse than deadly consequences!”
In the midst of the struggle for America’s bid for independence, Hannah Corbett makes a fateful decision, descending into a world of deceit. Spurred by revenge, she heads to New York, setting in motion a dangerous game for which there is no return. Searching desperately for the man who betrayed her family, she faces the cold and brutal reality of the life of a spy. Caught in a web of lies, living with betrayal, she is trapped. She has nowhere to turn except to a man it would be treasonous to love, setting duty and desire at war. Her heart is ripped apart when she must choose between the man who risks his career and life to protect her and the only thing that has remained constant in her life…her belief in her cause.



by Jerri Hines

Book Two of Winds of Betrayal Series

Great Follow up to Patriot Secrets!

This is the second book I’ve read and reviewed by talented Author Jerri Hines. Once again, it is a history lesson and a romance novel all in one. Due to the fact that I read “Patriot Games”, it felt like I was already acquainted with a few of the characters which made it all the more enjoyable. It was delightful to discover what happened to Dr. Jonathan Corbett after the death of his wife Catherine. His dangerous role as doctor/soldier continues during the historical American Revolution, the time frame in which this novel takes place.

Coming to the aid of his long time friend, Rebekah Morse, poses many challenges and unpredictable dangers for the admirable and stoic character of Dr. Corbett. The death of Rebekah’s parents force her and her siblings into the life of their ruthless uncle, Adam Reed. His hatred for her is apparent, much to her surprise and lack of understanding for the reason. She has no idea why he holds these dark feelings toward her but she is bound to discover the depth and depravity of these negative emotions. Her abduction and subsequent threats on her life are orchestrated by this vengeful uncle. Black Rory, a disgruntled raider whose family has been slain, appears to come to her rescue. Many twists and turns unfold as the plot thickens and the story unfolds. Rebekah spends months with Black Rory but he manages to betray her too.

Expect the unexpected in this captivating, well-written, historical romance. I certainly hope there is more to come in this enthralling series (Winds of Betrayal)!—Dolores

The tides of war have shifted. When all eyes turn south, Doctor Jonathan Corbett finds himself once more thrust into the war’s turmoil. On assignment from General Washington, the dashing doctor discovers his mission has taken him straight into a conflict where the British are not the only ones to be feared.

Rebekah Morse has no time to contemplate the exploding war around her. Caught up as a pawn in a deadly conspiracy, she finds her only hope lies with her old friend, but things have changed since they last saw each other.

Yet destiny has not intervened in their lives without cause. Rebekah’s strength, courage, and breathtaking sensuality sets within Jonathan a desire he swore never to feel again. When Rebekah’s life is threatened, Jonathan is determined to save the stubborn woman whether she wants to be saved or not. Now Jonathan and Rebekah must face the perilous threat together—only to discover a passion they never imagined...

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